Hesston is a strange case, he would be the most powerful being in this world if it wasn't for his limitations. He seems to have a skill cap when it comes to certain things, whether it be a sport or a game there is always a certain limit he can go til he just can't go any higher. Hopefully, there is a place for a person like him in this world.


Hesston has nothing really notable to say about him. The only mentionable feat would be that he is the most cuckable human being on the planet. He has been cucked time and time again, the women slip right through his grasp, like warm butter through a strainer. It's unfortunate, but it is his reality, someone had to have this role.

Strength 0
Perception 0
Endurance 0
Charisma 1
Intelligence 0
Agility 0
Luck 0